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At Searchlight Learning we offer a one to one education service for children and teens with social, emotional or mental health needs

A dedicated one to one education service

At Searchlight Learning we offer a one to one education service for children and teens with social, emotional or mental health needs (SEMH), including stress, anxiety and low self esteem. We operate in person in Cheltenham and the surrounding area and online UK wide. We can be commissioned by parents, carers, schools and other organisations, all of whom will receive a professional, caring and reliable service.

Highly skilled and experienced teachers

Our fully qualified, skilled and experienced teachers offer bespoke learning packages that cater for individual needs. We are understanding and patient listeners who build trusted relationships with our students to enable them to learn at their best.  We draw on current best practice in our work with children and teens with SEMH, helping them to identify and build on their strengths and interests and grow more confident in their own ability. 

Nurturing confidence and building resilience

Our mission is for our students to become confident, resilient and skilled learners. Through developing effective coping strategies and study skills, we guide our students towards fulfilling their potential and achieving their academic goals.

Passionate about supporting our students

We are passionate about educating and supporting our students and put them at the centre of everything we do. We are able to work in the home, at school, online or in the community; wherever provides the best matched environment for the student to learn. We believe that everyone has the capacity to be an effective learner and strive to provide opportunities for our students to experience progress and success, leading to greater confidence and self esteem.

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Learning to connect

At Searchlight we believe that making connections is key to successful learning

Promoting positive relationships

At  Searchlight Learning we understand that SEMH needs, stress and anxiety can leave children and teens feeling isolated and disconnected from the people around them, which can impact on their ability to learn. We encourage our students to connect with their peers, family, school and wider community to broaden their perspective and serve as a support network. We believe positive relationships are vitally important to students' well-being and we seek to foster these wherever we can.

Connecting with nature

Through our work with young people, we have seen first hand the restorative and positive effect that connecting with nature can have on their mental health. Whether that is taking in a view, walking in a wood or spending time with a therapy animal, we use this as a valuable tool for empowering our students to be in the best mindset to learn.

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Learning to grow

At Searchlight, our aim is for students to become confident, resilient and successful learners

Harnessing the power of positive thinking

At Searchlight Learning we recognise the power of thinking positive. We encourage our students to develop a 'can do,' mindset and give them frequent opportunities to overcome challenges and achieve success. We let our students know when they are doing well and help them develop the resilience to overcome the things that they may find difficult.

Learning about yourself

We encourage our students to learn about themselves; what their strengths are, how they learn best and which coping strategies work for them. We aim to equip our students with skills they can take with them on their learning journey, wherever it takes them. 


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