Information for Students

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Making your learning fun...

As a Searchlight student you will work one to one with a caring and supportive teacher who will help you to find ways to learn at your best. We aim to find out about what you are good at and what you enjoy doing, as well as the things you might find a challenge. This is so that you can find learning fun and something you want to do more of!

Studying Outside
Outdoor Study Group

Supporting  you to succeed....

If you're finding school a struggle for whatever reason, we can help you cope with that too. We will support you with your academic work and explain things so that you find them easier to understand. We can choose a place where you feel comfortable to do your learning. We always value what you have to say and together we will find ways for you to be the best learner you can be.

What happens next....

So that your teacher can plan activities just for you, they'd like to find out about the things that you are interested in and what is important to you. They will love to hear about what you are good at as well as the things you would like us to help you with. Don't worry if you're not sure - they are here to help you find out! 


During each learning session, your teacher will work with you one to one, providing activities just for you and listening carefully to your ideas. You can be open and honest about your thoughts and feelings - they are there to help and support you and always keen to hear what you have to say. Your teacher will let you know when you're doing well and help you with challenges in a kind, caring and supportive way. During every session, they will provide a positive, safe and friendly space where you can be yourself, focus well and learn to the best of your ability. 

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